04 May 2011

Second Post and Recesky

The second roll shot with the Mini is another (and my last) roll of expired (2002) Fuji 400.  Pictures are less of the work site and more of the city I live in and the city I work in.

After I shot this roll of film I was saddened to hear that Wal-Mart doesn't do 1 hour developing any more.  Yes, I know that sounds bunk.  Yes, I know that using a 1 hour service isn't "artsy."  But, I'm impatient.  The other thing I am is poor.  So, after realizing I could send off to this place in New England for half the price of 1-hour around here... well it's a different game.

Have expired Fuji 400 b&w loaded now.  Using strictly half-frame format.  Have a couple overlay panoramas I'm anxious to see. 

Yes, I've only had this camera for a few weeks.  Yes, I'm already looking at another one... 

I've been obsessed with TLR cameras for some time now.  Finally, I've found one that's not really expensive.  The Recesky TLR is a plastic, toy camera much like the Diana Mini.  Only, this one comes in pieces and I get to assemble it.  It has the top viewfinder and everything.  The only catch is it will only shoot in vertical 35mm.  Unless you turn it on it's side of course.  So, my plan is to create a mask of some sort and force it to shoot in square format like the Mini does.  It will take some thought.  But, I found them on eBay for 20 bucks/free shipping.  So, if I decide to perma mount a mask in the obscura box I could always get another for fairly cheap.

After sating the TLR bug, it will be on to finding something that will shoot on the sprockets.  Also, the wife and I have been looking into a negative scanner.  It has to have the capability to scan medium format film as that's Victoria's format of choice.  But, I think we've found a suitable candidate in the Epson Perfection v500.  Not too pricey, and in the long run will end up saving us money.

Anywho, off to bed.  Happy shooting!

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