02 July 2011


So, despite my previous thoughts of meeting a deadline and devoting more time here; I did not.  That deadline flowed into another and well... long story short, I'm doing my best.

DIY!  Yes, I've been doing it myself.  Had a few attempts at Caffenol developing of black and white film in the downstairs bathroom.  First with Kodak Tri-X, but with minimal success.  It seems to really achieve the shadows and midtones of the film's emulsion I'd need to order a dog sedative from the UK which well... isn't going to happen.

So, I took DIY even further and decided to start rolling my own rolls of film.  Got a bulk loader and 200ft of expired (2009) Fomapan 100.  Dev'd a test strip this evening and it's drying in the bathroom.  Negative looks a little thin.  Thinking a bit more coffee and the full 15min vs. the 12min. I went with, since I'm stubborn and I know best... sigh.

Looking at getting the DigitLiza for scanning sprocket shots.  Figured out the clicks for the Yashica 44a and may start shooting with it more.  But, w/ this new found information I have images much too close together to fit a bit of tape between them.  Hopefully I'll be able to do the same w/ the Comet.  That one has no click, though, so it may be a bit more difficult.

Have also been looking at new cameras (as this is a horrible horrible addiction and I just can't stop myself).  Thinking the Sharan 135STD pinhole and modifying the image mask to shoot 35mm squares to the sprockets.  And a 127 film folding camera for mas sprocket action.

Getting excited about Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park this month.  Should be lots of people to take pictures of.  Ordered a bunch of street photography books from the library to study up and just immerse myself in the style.

Anywho, back to the heating pad and bed.  My back is creaky tonight.

01 July 2011

Oh, Responsibility.

We've finally met our deadline at work.  Which means I'll hopefully have more time for here.

That's not to say I haven't been taking pictures.  Oh yes.  There are rolls upon rolls of film.  There's so much to say, too!  Reading Old Man and the Sea, discovering new ways to shoot with the 500dtl, reading about Winogrand.  So much.

This was just a short note to say hello and to let you know I'm still here.