24 May 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Have been busy of late.  Hustle and bustle and all that.  Got a few rolls of film done since we last spoke.  Will only include a few samples here, but will link to my Lomography.com site at the end.

Samples from black and white:

Here's some from another color roll (fuji 200):

And here's a couple from a DIY redscale roll that Victoria made for me:

Now, on the last two rolls there I'll be rescanning the negatives myself.  I learned something at my local lab this week and that is that their machines (no matter how big, expensive, and fancy) aren't that great.  I may have to go back and scan all my negatives (let's face it, i'm a crazy control freak, i'm going to scan my all of them myself) to see what all is missing.  But, on these last two rolls there's shots cut off and shots completely missing.  So, these were the best i could get out of those.

I learned this from a guy named Jim that works the counter at my Walgreens lab.  He actually was kind enough to let me come behind the counter to see what was going to be scanned.  It was a learning experience.  He was also the first person to participate in my new photo project.  Since the Diana Mini will shoot half frame, I decided to load another roll of Kodak TX-400 and shoot in half again.  But, this will be very specific pictures.  I'll be shooting "mugshot" style shots of people.  So, i'll take a head on shot, then take a profile (turn to your left).  Not sure what I'll gain from this endeavor, but my biggest gain from this will hopefully be mustering the courage to ask others if I can take their picture. 

As promised, here's my lomo homepage.  Also, will be getting an article published through them this week.  More piggies toward my sprocket rocket! 

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