05 August 2011


Have you ever wondered how to get a picture like this?

Better yet, have you ever wondered how to shoot a picture like this?

Well, I have your answer.  Those little spots at the top and bottom of the image are called sprocket holes.  You'll find them on any of your 35mm rolls of film.  Typically an image will fall between those holes as they're more for function.  The sprocket holes are for advancing the film and keeping it on track within the camera.  But, some cameras are designed to keep the film on track and advancing but still allow you to shoot an image across the entirety of the film.

The Sprocket Rocket is a panoramic camera that shoots to the sprockets.  The Lubitel 166+ is a medium format camera with accessories that allow it to shoot 35mm film.  But, due to the nature of medium format the 35mm film shoots to the sprockets.  (These great cameras and others can be found at the Lomography site)

Now, for the second question.  For more information on how to shoot pictures like these:

Check out Lomography's new site!

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